How to Age Disgracefully Artwork

How to Age Disgracefully Artwork

For the past few months, I’ve been working on putting together my first fully produced sketch comedy revue since moving to Portland last year.  Working with a talented team of writers and actors, we’re about to launch HOW TO AGE DISGRACEFULLY, a 90-minute joyride through the passage of time.  I directed, produced and co-wrote the show. Below is the press release:

Second City faculty member to direct Portland sketch comedy revue, “How to Age Disgracefully” at the Brody Theater.

Take a journey through life, death, immortality and the supernatural with the Brody’s new sketch comedy revue, “How to Age Disgracefully.”  The writers and performers of this 90-minute scripted show use parody, satire and absurdity to explore the extraordinary and all-too-ordinary facts of growing up and growing old.  Directed by Second City faculty member Caitlin Kunkel, “How to Age Disgracefully” is a comedy show for your bucket list.

Some of the humorous life lessons in the show include:

  • HAIR OF AN IDEA:  Two hairs atop a balding head reflect on their time together and share their hopes for the future.  What does fate have in store for these strands on their last stand?
  • CAPTURE YOUR YOUTH:  A booty call turns voodoo doll! A recent divorcee lands himself in a diabolical love trap an old flame has been laying for him since high school.
  • BRO-DAD: When a teenage dude discovers his best bud is marrying his mom, family conflict resolution takes on a whole new meaning.
  • LIFE-EXTENSIONS: In a world where immortality is normal, one  man unloads centuries of frustrations on his shrink. What happens when the “same old same old” has no end in sight?
  • CHANGE OF LIFE CRISIS: A newly zombified patient consults his doctor as he struggles with his changing body and embracing the next undead stage of his life.
  • COMMUNION: Portland’s foodie scene is a religious experience when two locals attend church service as interpreted by acclaimed Portland chefs, sommeliers, and musicians.
  • MOVING UP THE LADDER: An ambitious college graduate struggles to climb the ladder at a company where cliches are the currency and common sense is in short supply.

Running Saturdays at 8:00pm at the Brody Theater, 16 NW Broadway beginning July 13 and running through August 10.  Tickets are available at  Tickets are $10 with $8 student tickets available.

How to Age Disgracefully.  A sense of humor never gets old.