Since last December, I’ve been working with comedian/storyteller Jay Flewelling on finalizing the script for his one-man show, WORK SCHMERK. Welp, we finalized it, we rehearsed it, and now it’s up and running! On Tuesday, 6/17 and Wednesday, 6/18, WORK SCHMERK will be performed at Coho Theater in NW Portland.
Following the performance, sister musical duo THE DOUBLECLICKS will take the stage and perform songs from their new album. Check out one of their songs below. I’ve had a great experience working with Jay again (he was Santa in A NIGHTMARE ON ELF STREET) and really enjoyed directing a one-man show. Get your (limited!) tickets here.


Check out our great preview piece in The Oregonian here. Thank you to reporter and arts advocate Jamie Hale for the coverage.


BIG THANKS to the fabulous Andy Batt for the photography and Jake Trudell for the art design! We also are privileged to be sponsored by Elephant’s Delicatessen and Deschutes Brewing. Deschutes is also providing the beer for purchased at Coho.

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