sometimes you just need to refuess

sometimes you just need to refuess

I didn’t get a lot of writing done this week. Normally I would self-flagellate by watching House Hunters until my loathing transferred from myself to human beings who sit down in other people’s bathtubs with their shoes on or make jokes about how women need lots of closet space or say “I’m not going to settle” when their budgets are 50% too low for the area they want to live in.

But instead, I decide to make a list of the things I DID get done this week:


Figured out an issue where for the past four months my mail order prescription had been getting shipped to a NW SW address that only exists in Narnia and not in Portland.


Read two plays (Elemeno Pea by Molly Smith Metzler and The Devil at Noon by Anne Washburn).


Googled how much souls supposedly weigh then remembered that movie called 21 Grams and read a plot synopsis of it. Regretted this lost time and wished for it back down to the very depths of my 21-gram soul.


Worked 20 hours at my awesome part-time job.


Cleaned my hideously dirty and crowded desk. You know how some people like to say that your workspace is a reflection of your mind? That’s true.


photo from quick meme

photo from quick meme

Went to bakeries 5 out of 7 days. Absolutely no croissants were spared.


Tried acupuncture for the first time (on a back spasm that also did not help productivity this week).


Also in back spasm news, called my health insurance company and three doctors. This is sometimes known as navigating phone trees so bureaucratic they would make Kafka cry. Then this happened on Twitter:


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.40.55 PM


Also in back spasm news, took three naps. That’s three more than I’ve taken in the past year. Had terrifying dreams during each of them. Swore off naps.


Directed the two soft openings for Work Schmerk.


Watched my FAVORITE summer reality show, America Ninja Warrior, and then went down the wormhole of “parkour fail” videos, which are second only to “weightlifting accidents” for the “holy shit, is that guy dead?” factor.


Made this list.


Hey, there’s always next week.