I’ve finished teaching at PNCA for the year. I’m off to spend a month in Brooklyn. And I finally have a big chunk of time to devote to creative projects with nothing to distract me.

So what am I doing?

Waffling over which project to work on first, obviously.

My eyes are bigger than my mouth when it comes to creative work (and pancakes…always pancakes). I have lots and lots of ideas in the hopper, many action plans, a plethora of numbered lists and calendars and then when it turns out there aren’t thirty hours in a day, things…fall to the wayside.

Then of course I panic over my lack of producing ANYTHING and have to watch many hours of home renovations going terribly wrong on HGTV to regain my self of sense.

Here are some of the potential project swirling around in my neural ether right now:
• Getting the ball rolling on a collaboration with an illustrator for a short book.
• Deciding which project to choose to apply for a RACC grant.
• Writing from my ever-expanding list of weirdo sketch ideas that MUST COME OUT OF MY HEAD. I need some companion pieces for the last sketch I wrote about a Boston guy marrying a Kia Sorento.

I KNOW I KNOW choose one and start, and the rest will follow. But still. I’m like a baby – I feel safer with rules and limits. With unlimited time, I’ll have unlimited ideas and unlimited imaginary output. But with five hours in a week to work on something, I’ll have an actual finished piece.

So this post is my first tiny step in breaking free. Do you ever get stabbed with project anxiety? HALP!

My situation is EXACTLY like this.

My situation is EXACTLY like this.