Exciting news on the KunkelTron front – I’m spending the next five weeks on the East Coast, working in Brooklyn for a month and then spending time with friends and family in beach houses in several locales (as is my ancestral right as a Rhode Islander). Woo-hoo! I have so dubbed these five glorious week the KUNK-BATTICAL.

Here’s the plan!

I received a Faculty Development grant from PNCA to cover my flight and a weeklong improv immersion at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. My sister Emily is taking the immersion with me (!!) and we’re going to rock it out 9-5 every day for a week using the Bible as our guide.

The Bible of Improv

The Bible of Improv

After all that improv, we move back into scripted content the next week. On Monday, 7/20, the awesome Hook & Eye Theater is going to be doing a reading of my play THE UH-OH E-MAIL at 7:30pm. The reading is open to the public, FREE, and we’re having a talk back WITH BEERS afterward – more details about the evening coming soon!

Here is Hook & Eye in their own words:
“Hook & Eye is an ensemble company of theater-makers, actors, dancers, musicians and artists based in Brooklyn, NY. We build totally new theatrical pieces full of joyful athleticism, soul, and song. We start with a snag, an idea that hooks our collective interest. Using improvisation, discussion, and research, we tug at the thread until we’ve found a story to unravel. Working with our writers, musicians and artists to focus our vision, we knit the moments together, add layers, and get the story ready for fastening with our audience.”

I can’t wait to work with them!

Hook & Eye

Hook & Eye

I’ll be continuing to freelance and teach online for Second City while I’m hanging in my Park Slope studio. Trying this “working remotely” thing us millennials love so much.

After my month in BK my husband is joining me and we’ll do the Connecticut-Rhode Island-Block Island-Long Island loop around to see friends and fam. Please enjoy the ACTUAL theme song for the Block Island Ferry below – a REAL HUMAN BEING was paid money to write this:

I touch down July 7th. The KUNK-BATTICAL is on!