More to come on the Kunk-battical adventures, but here’s a brief, Instagrammy recap!

Said goodbye to these smiling faces yesterday after an amazing five week trip around the East Coast. I saw my grandparents in Rhode Island, my sisters, their significant others and my parents in NY and Block Island, and met numerous friends and new acquaintances all over the place. I had my first play reading in NY and took my first improv class at UCB. I ate delicious pizza and bagels all the time and don't regret a single pound. I wouldn't say I "mastered" the NYC subway, but I never cried on it and for me, that's a victory. I drove in Park Slope and biked in Red Hook, took trains all over the East Coast and went to beaches in three separate places. I experienced one of the most moving pieces of theater I've ever seen with Fun Home. When I picture an ideal sabbatical, I couldn't have dreamed up anything better than this. Thanks to everyone who made it so great!! SINCERELY, CAITLIN. #kunkbattical #RIandCTandNYbound #dateyourself

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