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Since September, I’ve been teaching a month-long satire class for Second City that I wrote and developed. We’ve gone through five sections now (running multiple sections at once) and students are getting GREAT results with their work! We’ve already had two acceptances to McSweeney’s, and four (and counting!) to The Second City Network.

The class focuses on forming a strong satirical point of view, writing numerous drafts, and creating unique comedic premises. It’s conducted entirely online, meaning you can log in and post your work whenever is convenient for you.

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Still scrambling for a Christmas gift? Teach that special person or maniac in your life how to RAGE (in a productive way, of course!) in short, funny pieces. The next class starts on January 8th, 2016, and the term after that is also open starting on 2/5/16.

Here are a few students from the class in their own words, along with their published pieces:

“Whether you are new to writing satire or not, I highly recommend taking this class if you want to get better. The lectures are well structured and cover the basics with plenty of examples, and Caitlin’s enthusiasm as an instructor is contagious. You also learn how to give notes on other people’s work, which is an invaluable learning tool. I published my first piece at The Second City Network thanks to her encouragement and feedback. I can’t recommend this class enough!”

David Calkins

“I took Caitlin’s SCTC ‘Writing Satire for the Internet’ online course because I had hit a bit of a plateau in my satire writing–I’d been published a couple of places (Reductress being the largest) but was getting a lot of “close but not this time” rejections from other publications. It was discouraging.

I cannot stress enough how much value I got for my relatively small monetary investment. The online material was insightful and on point. I loved that Caitlin provided detailed, encouraging, constructive feedback that pushed each person to better themselves but also took into account if they were trying to go pro or just have fun and write occasionally, and required us to provide constructive feedback for one another that proved crazy valuable.

She was fully engaged and truly rooting for each of us (though also kicking our butt a little by imposing strict deadlines and grown-up deliverables, as there would be in the real world). Perhaps most importantly, I’d always been a 1-2 draft gal and hadn’t really embraced the value of rewrites, worried it would make a piece feel overworked. Instead, I gained a much better understanding of how to write razor-sharp POVs, fight through roadblocks, and heighten a piece to ridiculous extremes. I also left with three polished-as-all-hell pieces that were all accepted (two to Second City Network, and one to McSweeney’s) for publication, and a much better track record pitching elsewhere since the class. I also stayed in touch with several classmates and we’ve continued providing feedback, networking intros, etc. I also gained sleek, lustrous hair, but that might just be the new shampoo I’m using–it’s impossible to say.

As someone who doesn’t live in NY/Chi/LA but is still pursuing a career (or something resembling one) in comedy writing, this online course was worth its weight in gold. I’ve taken a couple handfuls of classes and workshops over the last five years and this was by far the most fun and worthwhile!”

Brooke Preston

Whaddaya say, want to have some fun with the comedy of outrage in 2016??