So I know I talk about @hobbycluborg all the time, but I love their idea of creating a three word mission statement for the upcoming year that can guide smaller goals and actions. For me, those three words will be "creative before practical." I like to make money, and it's easy for me to hop out of bed and immediately start working for pay before even having my coffee. It's a lot harder to mentally commit to working on a project that means a lot to me, or to really clarify what I'm trying to say in a satirical list, or to nail down the exact wording of a joke. But if I don't do that stuff by 9am, then it's 10am, then it's basically lunch, then I'm sleepy, then I DO need to make some money, then my brain is winding down, then it's 8pm and I'm definitely not writing anything of merit at that point (I'm a morning person, obviously). So for 2016, I want to turn that morning energy I give to paid work to my own projects. I want to prioritize my freshest thinking for the things that deserve it most, rather than the things that can be checked off the easiest. Will it make my mornings less pleasant? For sure. Will I probably feel 100000 times better the rest of the day? I don't know, that seems like a pretty high percentage leap. I'll settle for 3-4 times better. #hobbyclub #writinglife #byerelaxingmornings

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