Humor Writing Boot Camp at Catapult in December! / by Caitlin Kunkel

I'm SO EXCITED to teach my first workshop at Catapult in New York with the very great Elissa Bassist, editor of the "Funny Women" column on The Rumpus.

We're going to switch off, so you get 90 minutes with me, 90 minutes with her, and then we have an overall POWER QUESTION session at the end.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.09.59 AM.png

Course description below:

"Is it your dream to write and publish humor? Is it your more realistic dream to make some money doing it? Do you have no idea how to do either?

In this one-day, four-hour workshop, students will learn to conceive, draft, polish, and learn how to submit humor pieces from two writers and editors of v. popular humor sites.

Students will split into groups and spend 90 minutes with Elissa Bassist (founder and editor of Funny Women on The Rumpus), then 90 minutes with Caitlin Kunkel (co-founder and co-editor of The Belladonna).

Both will teach you every tip and trick they know about the practicalities of forming a comedic premise, pitching, and acquiring clips and publishing credits.

The final hour will be a mixer/problem-solving session with Elissa and Caitlin who will share secrets about venues, freelancing, and the rule of three.

Good news: Students will walk out the door with early drafts of two publishable pieces that will pay for this class, if all goes well. BYOB."