Wow! Amazing Paste List / by Caitlin Kunkel

I was so honored to be included on this list in Paste Magazine of the top fifteen humorists writing today! The other writers on the list are wonderful and also include some of my former students, which feels great as a teacher. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.39.30 AM.png
We’ve written about former Paste contributor Caitlin Kunkel recently as one of the co-founders of The Belladonna and one of the co-authors of the excellent New Erotica for Feminists. However, if you’re thinking about writing some of this stuff yourself, and are concerned at the fact that there isn’t really the same infrastructure for learning how to write humor and satire the way there is for improv and sketch comedy, Kunkel is currently rectifying the situation as the creator of the satire writing program at The Second City. You can check out some of her sage advice right now, or simply learn a lesson from the fruits of her labor, my personal favorite being this piece she co-wrote with Kate Villa: “Your Quest: Bring A Bag of Ice to This Party”.