Great Write Up on New Erotica for Feminists in Johns Hopkins Magazine by Caitlin Kunkel

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Beyond the excellent title, which I want on my gravestone, this piece by Bret McCabe hits on a lot of what we are trying to do with this book. I especially liked this excerpt:

New Erotica for Feminists operates in a similarly heady, if less autobiographical, register as Nanette, the Netflix special in which Tasmanian comedian Hannah Gadsby dissects the form and content of standup comedy to burn a hole through the dismissive, misogynistic, and abusive cultural attitudes that underlie certain jokes. Kunkel and her co-authors are taking a genre—that niche of ostensibly sexually arousing material—and using humor to spotlight the political and cultural norms that prop it up. It’s not the preposterous scenarios of erotica—those ridiculous encounters from a guy’s perspective involving a co-worker, a delivery man, a plumber, whatever, that lead to sex—that are problematic. Everything that centers heteronormative maleness at the expense of everybody else is.


I'm unbelievably excited and proud to announce that my first satirical book, co-written with the other Belladonna editors Carrie Wittmer, Brooke Preston, and Fiona Taylor, is going to be published this fall!!

An expanded version of our viral McSweeney's piece (which you can read here), the book will be published by Dutton/Plume (imprints of Penguin Random House) in the US, and by Sceptre (an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton) in the UK in NOVEMBER 2018!

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